Cardiac Pain Conditions

Cardiac Pain Conditions

The Canadian Pain Coalition is pleased to include within the Pain Resource Centre a link to the Canadian Journal of Cardiology’s (CJC) Persistent Cardiac Pain Resource Centre, launched in March 2014. This multimedia resource centre, entitled, CardiacPain.Net, is designed to raise awareness and provide information about debilitating, persistent forms of cardiac pain.

Every day, thousands of Canadians live with persistent cardiac pain arising from such conditions as chronic stable angina (CSA), refractory angina (RFA), and cardiac syndrome X (CSX). To raise awareness and provide education about this often difficult-to-treat disorder, CardiacPain.Net was developed through a unique partnership of the Canadian Pain Coalition the research team lead by Dr. M. McGillion, Elsevier, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, and Argyle Communications.

A major strength of CardiacPain.Net is that it was developed for both the general public and health professionals. What is more, affected Canadian citizens were involved in its design and creation. CardiacPain.Net offers open-access resources, narrated video presentations, expert and citizen roundtable discussions, downloadable fact sheets, and a forum supporting interactivity with our experts.


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