Unintended Consequences

Sometimes medications end up in unusal places...
Like "Trail Mix" Parties (Also called: Pharm Parties, Cabinet Parties)

Trail Mix parties occur when teenagers take their own, or their family’s prescription and non-prescription medicines from the family medicine cabinet and bring them to a get-together. At the party, they mix all of the pills into a bowl and then take a handful to consume in order to get high. This practice is sending kids to emergency rooms suffering from deadly combinations of prescription medicine and alcohol.

What can you do? Remember:

  • Medications do have risks when not used as prescribed for a particular person. Do not share your prescriptions with others or change your prescription in any way.
  • Many kids believe prescription drugs are less dangerous because they are "prescribed by a doctor".
  • Have a conversation with your family about the dangers of taking medications not prescribed for them.
  • Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about how you can effectively communicate the risks of medication misuse.
  • Keep a descending count on the bottle each time you take a dose. (Provides exact count of remaining supply).
  • Secure all medications in your home, preferably in a locked cabinet or container. Lock boxes are available at your local pharmacy.
  • Return any unused or old prescriptions to your pharmacy for disposal.

For more information and a printable copy of this document please download this PDF file.